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Atemis Business Cloud is used in more than 40 countries by 600 companies since 1998. 

Multilingual Portal 

Atemis Business Cloud is available in different languages, with 9 default versions (English, Spanish, Russian, Polish, French, German, Italian, Ukrainian and Vietnamese). The customization module allows you to change all labels and set up a new language by yourself

Fully adaptable 

You can simply try our Management Portal for 2 users, and increase step by step the license number according to your needs.

Administrative Mgt -

All administrative duties are following the company's managerial process smoothly and quickly. All documents are digitalized and transfered by email. All documents are tracked and provide full consolidation and analysis.
  • Dashboard and business indicators
    The dashboard module offers the ability to create various indicators / ratios from your Management Portal database. These indicators are gathered in portlets and are displayed on the main page of the user’s portal. They can be sent by email to defined timely period.
  • Knowledge Management
    Created for the improvement of the collaborative work, the KM solution brings all the possibilities of a documentary portal. The interface of the system includes a document creation workflow, a dynamic research engine, and a catalog tree information system (structured and non-structured). Simultaneously an administrative platform assures the access rights and manages the profiles able to read, write and browse.
  • Helpdesk workflow
    This application allow you and your partners (customers, suppliers, consultants,..) to manage all types of helpdesk requests. After filling in the form, one message is directly sent to the manager involved, who will reply directly or assign a task to the right person. The sender is then informed that the request was forwarded. When the task is realized, the employee closes it and one message is sent to the manager as well as to the sender. List of requests by sender, by type, by status, by employee, by date are available. The business intelligence application allows to create any other reports needed and sent by emails.
  • Procedures
    This application manages all your internal and external procedures for their creation, validation or review. Allow anyone in your organization to access to the procedures list, thanks to oen search engine, and get the newest content reviewed by the required managers. Each procedure got its validation process depending on its nature, its object or department. Managers are required to validate or review it. The procedures got renewable dates allowing their author to update it when required. The list of all procedures viewed, created, or validated are available for a better information and control.
  • E-learning
    The E-learning solution gives your worldwide personnel and a permanent flexible access to training. The application reduces the cost and time training when giving the opportunity to learn what you want, where you want and at the speed you want. Create the courses online, the questionnaires attached with and the electronic information sources. Define with a drag and drop system the course's attendees, schedule and eventually teacher. Provide the teacher with a chat to intervene when the users are connected. Give the possibility of improving the results and measuring the training by the use of tests and surveys that will motivate and reward.
  • Internal Mail
    This module allows you to send and receive internal messages from all people connected to your Management Portal including partners, suppliers, customers,... Single or multiple sending to a group of users is allowed.
  • Emails client (Pop3/Imap/SMTP)
    This is a webmail application which allows you to manage several pop3 or imap accounts (professional or personnal) to receive and send email messages. The solution stored automatically the professional messages into the CRM when the email of the contacts is known, either when you send or receive a message.
  • Quality management
    This module allows you to follow accurately all the procedures, to raise the quality of your services, to avoid risks and to check at any time the implementation of procedures in your business. Whether the procedure concerns the documents which are submitted and approved prior to the completion of a contract, or the monitoring of an action list (checklist) before concluding a project, the application stores all the actions with their authors and their dates. The analyses let you know in real time about all the gaps and shortfalls by process, department and employee to be able to intervene, correct and improve the overall quality of your company.


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- Customer self-service
- Companies and contacts management (XRM)
- Work Schedule (+ Outlook Integration)
- Quotation, Offers and contracts
- Mobile CRM (IOS | Android |Windows Mobile)
- Orders and invoices
- Business Intelligence
- Leads Management
- CTI (Inbound, outbound calls)
- Outgoing Calls Campaign
- Call Center scripting and questionnaires
Marketing - Easily manage your marketing on line
- Newsletters and tracking
- Website content management (CMS)
- Marketing events and schedules
- Promotion campaign management
- Press Relations
- Shop on-line
- Products and services
- Marketing products management
- Marketing segments and analysis
Administrative Mgt -
- Dashboard and business indicators
- Knowledge Management
- Helpdesk workflow
- Procedures
- E-learning
- Internal Mail
- Emails client (Pop3/Imap/SMTP)
- Quality management
Projects Management -
- Tender, offer and contract management
- Gantt graphs
- Time and financial reporting
- Tasks management
- Projects definition and schedule
Finances -
- Billing
- Orders and invoices
- Business plans and financial forecasts
- Purchases workflow
- Payments and reminders
- Cash Management
- Fixed assets Management
- Financial reporting
- Expenses workflow
- Products and services pricing
- Debt collection
Human resource - HR Modules
- Job offers management
- Employees (360° view)
- Recruitment management
- Dynamic organizationnal chart
- Competences and qualifications
- Appraisal management
- Vacations workflow
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