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Atemis Business Cloud is used in more than 40 countries by 600 companies since 1998. 

Multilingual Portal 

Atemis Business Cloud is available in different languages, with 9 default versions (English, Spanish, Russian, Polish, French, German, Italian, Ukrainian and Vietnamese). The customization module allows you to change all labels and set up a new language by yourself

Fully adaptable 

You can simply try our Management Portal for 2 users, and increase step by step the license number according to your needs.

Human resource - HR Modules

HR Modules enables you to fully manage and explicitly analyze your employees’ work from the very moment they are hired. This solution is used by the HR department or the business organizations specialized in automation of the managerial processes.
  • Job offers management
    Save all offers and details to manage and display them on your website, or sites partners of recruitment. Candidates answer to offers by registering directly on the site, and their details and CV are saved related to this offer. Analyze response rates and the attractiveness of your offer or the effectiveness of your partners.
  • Employees (360° view)
    The HR applications collects all professional and financial information about the employees to display them in one 360° view. The managers are always aware of employees details, projects, amount of working hours, salary, productivity reports, vacations; appraisal and trainings. You control the administrative processes, complete monthly reports and print any document forms.
  • Recruitment management
    After reviewing of a new CV through e-mail you can set an appointment with the candidate. In case of inadequacy with the present job openings you can save the candidate’s CV, or return thanks for the interest in your company. This module allows to save reports after the interview. The application of the final candidate becomes his personal informational page.
  • Dynamic organizationnal chart
    Get all the structure of your organization in a chart with the pictures and the details of the employees. Use this chart to contact the employees directly.
  • Competences and qualifications
    Save and manage all the competences, skills and levels of the employees. Watch a radar graph to see the skills in a row. Select the employees according to their skills and availability for specific qualified assignments or projects.
  • Appraisal management
    This module is dedicated to the appraisal of employees work. It uses questionnaires for the interviews according to three topics: personal skills, job assignment, and personal tasks. The questionnaires are defined once a year and could be adjusted later at need. The HR manager controls the schedule of interviews through the personal work schedule. The managers together with the interviewees fill out the questionnaires. Statistics, reports, and analysis are available for more effective career development and fulfillment of employees’ expectations.
  • Vacations workflow
    Employees use this module to request managers for vacations. When request is confirmed HR department utomatically received the notice. The statistics and reports are available for overview.


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- Debt collection
Human resource - HR Modules
- Job offers management
- Employees (360° view)
- Recruitment management
- Dynamic organizationnal chart
- Competences and qualifications
- Appraisal management
- Vacations workflow
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