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Every year Atemis takes part in different specialized exhibitions and seminars. We also organize breakfast/cocktail meetings with presentations of our solutions. To learn about our products, just click the link below and send us your request.

Multilingual Portal 

Atemis Business Cloud is available in different languages, with 9 default versions (English, Spanish, Russian, Polish, French, German, Italian, Ukrainian and Vietnamese). The customization module allows you to change all labels and set up a new language by yourself


Solutions by Businesses

Since each organization, each sector of activity has specific and unique business processes, so the companies today are looking for specialized solutions that can meet all their needs. With its management portal, Atemis is the sole editor that is able to provide you with all necessary personalizations to manage your business.
Our team knows how to respond to the diversity of your functional requirements by providing you with a complete personalization, advising you on best practices, training your staff on all the applicative capabilities of the management portal.

Service Companies

Atemis is the sole application that manages all the company's internal functions – sales management (CRM), financial management, support or customer service up to the interactivity of your website. Thanks to Atemis, your field sales teams can structure their activities around the CRM module, your project teams can be organized around a collaborative platform for monitoring resources and spent time, the marketing cells can organize outgoing calls campaigns, the Human Resources set up a monitoring leave requests by workflow, the finance validates the management planning and the cash flow ... the possibilities are numerous.

Bank & Insurance 
Call Center
Chambers of Commerce
Events companies
Real Estate
Media & Press
Human Resources
Consulting Companies

Industrial Companies

During the last years, globalization and the use of internet technologies make the sector of industry more competitive. The key to success lies in cost reduction, automation of production processes and seamless management. Today, many companies realize that it is also the time to improve business management. With Atemis, your sales teams can structure their activities around the CRM module: offers, quotations and contracts are automatically done in a few clicks, the management of customers and partners becomes fluid. Increase your turnover and your service offerings with the interactivity of your web presence and tools of e-commerce.

New Technologies
Pharmaceutical Products

Services and Departments of large groups

Whatever is your application need, Atemis Management Portal is a solution that manages all the company's internal functions - sales management (CRM), financial management, support or SAV up to interactivity of your website. Thanks to Atemis, your sales managers can view the entire history of customers, including requests for support, compose and share personalized quotes and many other things. In the same manner the financial staff can know the consolidated objectives in the short term, view the status of relaunch of bills in collection etc.

International Sales
Marketing department
Finance department
Purchasing department
Call Center


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- Customer self-service
- Companies and contacts management (XRM)
- Work Schedule (+ Outlook Integration)
- Quotation, Offers and contracts
- Mobile CRM (IOS | Android |Windows Mobile)
- Orders and invoices
- Business Intelligence
- Leads Management
- CTI (Inbound, outbound calls)
- Outgoing Calls Campaign
- Call Center scripting and questionnaires
Marketing - Easily manage your marketing on line
- Newsletters and tracking
- Website content management (CMS)
- Marketing events and schedules
- Promotion campaign management
- Press Relations
- Shop on-line
- Products and services
- Marketing products management
- Marketing segments and analysis
Administrative Mgt -
- Dashboard and business indicators
- Knowledge Management
- Helpdesk workflow
- Procedures
- E-learning
- Internal Mail
- Emails client (Pop3/Imap/SMTP)
- Quality management
Projects Management -
- Tender, offer and contract management
- Gantt graphs
- Time and financial reporting
- Tasks management
- Projects definition and schedule
Finances -
- Billing
- Orders and invoices
- Business plans and financial forecasts
- Purchases workflow
- Payments and reminders
- Cash Management
- Fixed assets Management
- Financial reporting
- Expenses workflow
- Products and services pricing
- Debt collection
Human resource - HR Modules
- Job offers management
- Employees (360° view)
- Recruitment management
- Dynamic organizationnal chart
- Competences and qualifications
- Appraisal management
- Vacations workflow
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