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Atemis Business Cloud is a fully integrated business management SaaS. The solution is 100% developed by Atemis since 1998 and all modules and features are simply interconnected. A common application for all customers with a unique database for each customer.

Our Business portal is one of the pioneers in the cloud architecture used since 1998

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Get your own great solution and use it for free for one month. Our first customers begun their own SaaS in 2003 and they are still loyal since then

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Every year Atemis takes part in different specialized exhibitions and seminars. We also organize breakfast/cocktail meetings with presentations of our solutions. To learn about our products, just click the link below and send us your request.


CRM + Marketing for InterContinental

InterContinental Hanoi selected the Atemis SaaS solutions for CRM, Emailing and Marketing campaigns.
HR solution for Exo Platform

Exo Platform has chosen our HR module to manage all their job offers, recruitment and human ressources management. The solution includes the following modules:
  • Job offers
  • Candidate Management
  • Employees Management
  • Holidays workflow
  • Work calendar / Timesheet
  • Competences and qualifications
  • Appraisal Management
  • Dynamic organization chart

  • Read the article of ICT News in Vietnam
    Business Cloud solution for CCI

    Chamber of French Commerce and Industry in Vietnam was established in 1989 to bring together French companies installed in Vietnam and meet the following missions: - to conduct and represent the French business community in Vietnam - to promote bilateral exchages, trade relations and investments between France and Vietnam - to provide services and assistance to companies and members of the Vietnamese and French markets. To meet its development and to ensure information sharing between two offices (in Hanoi and HCMC), the CCIFV made ​​a decision to implement a CRM that will enable it to manage members and events, publications and e-mailings, website content, manage job offers, online forms and candidates.
    Hexagone (Brocard) business management Portal

    Hexagon is the leading company in the import and distribution of perfumes and luxury goods in the Ukraine. The company conducts the marketing campaigns of all its products and closely follows their distributions to many outlets in the Ukraine.

    Hexagon holds large exchanges of documents with its suppliers and partners every month. With over 270 people scattered around the country, the company wants to acquire a modern management solution and gain efficiency that will allow it to better monitor its business, marketing, financial, human resources and company documents workflow.

    With 1050 consultants and thousands of missions every year, KMPG Poland identified the need for a CRM tool in order to manage and to optimize the whole network of its commercial contacts and client relations. For that, KPMG sought a reliable and easy solution which could be rapidly deployed, but also compatible with the already existing ERP tool. After a year of using the ATEMIS CRM solution, KMPG could note real effectiveness of the software, especially due to the 360° view of the customer, and exemplary ergonomics that facilitate actions management related to each account and each opportunity.
    Mickael Mc Gowan (Partner)
    Laser Cofinoga

    LaSer is a leading European company for intermediation and customer relations services. LaSer develops card solutions (loyalty cards, private label cards, prepaid cards, co-branded cards, etc.), data solutions (data analysis, customer knowledge, segmentation, consumption trends, etc.) and services (credit, insurance, CRM solutions, etc.) for brands and retailers. LaSer is established in Europe and is equally owned by the Galeries Lafayette Group and BNP Paribas Personal Finance. LaSer employs over 9000 people and generated a turnover of more than 1.6 billion Euros in 2010. The Atemis B2B CRM was used by all 12 European subsidiaries to follow the clients, opportunities and contracts.
    ACFAU Management Portal

    ACFAU is a French Chamber of Commerce that includes about 100 French companies in the Ukraine. The association runs and manages a large number of different events and organizes data exchange with its members. In order to improve the services provided, ACFAU launched a new web site that is integrated in the Atemis Management Portal. The application was fully installed within a month. www.acfau.com.ua
    Anna Drozd

    The site www.renaultparis.fr, a modular ATEMIS offer, is based on a workflow system coupled with and e-CRM tool. Before this solution was implemented, the 35 Parisian Renault dealers used 160 different commercial applications to manage more than 300 customer requests per day via fax, telephone, or direct contact.
    Green Bear

    The Greenbear company specializes in the renewable energy sector. Its main area of activity is the acquisition, development, and management of wind energy projects in Central Europe, and especially in Poland. To improve its business and to manage its 50 projects, in 2006 Green Bear decided to use the 100% Internet Management Portal.
    Kasia Skucha

    Sygma Bank Polska is a subsidiary of Sygma Bank SA Group LASER COFINOGA. The company specializes in the financial support and marketing for distribution channels and retailers themselves, by offering payment services, credit cards and loyalty programs. With 1,000 employees in Poland, the Group operates over 10,000 stores.
    Roman Jancik

    "Atemis solutions are unique: they adapt completely to our needs..."
    E. Maupetit: Directeur Mkg et Ventes - Daclem
    Tapage Media

    The Tapage Media Company is a French leader of Indoor advertising, with a network of 4,000 restaurants, bars and nightclubs. The company offers advertisements or postcards display equipment to the great advertisers. To manage its entire business and distribution, and to exchange data with its partners through extranets or Pocket PC, Tapage Media has been using the 100% Business Management Portal since 2005.
    Charles Boonen

    "With Atemis applications, we master our relationship with our customers and we are constantly increasing our efficiency"
    Pascale THIVEND VIALLE: Directrice - Crysalia

    This financial group from Monaco, specializing in management and repurchase of credits, is now managing all its commercial activities in real time with ATEMIS e-CRM. The solution, which can be implemented in 10 days, allows on-line and collaborative management of the group's 12,000 customers and 2,000 opportunities, thanks to a definite replacement of the too many Excel files which were divided in the company. This solution also contained applications for creating financial consolidations and automatic annual reports. From now on, due to the time-saving and the quality of information, our teams can concentrate on improving their management and on commercial development of the group.
    Stéphane REMY

    "Atemis is able to carry out my dreams. From now on we can remotely manage our temporary work agencies thanks to the 100% Web Atemis solutions."Francis Bossu - Director of E-boss -
    Francis Bossu (CEO)

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    CRM -
    - Customer self-service
    - Companies and contacts management (XRM)
    - Work Schedule (+ Outlook Integration)
    - Quotation, Offers and contracts
    - Mobile CRM (IOS | Android |Windows Mobile)
    - Orders and invoices
    - Business Intelligence
    - Leads Management
    - CTI (Inbound, outbound calls)
    - Outgoing Calls Campaign
    - Call Center scripting and questionnaires
    Marketing - Easily manage your marketing on line
    - Newsletters and tracking
    - Website content management (CMS)
    - Marketing events and schedules
    - Promotion campaign management
    - Press Relations
    - Shop on-line
    - Products and services
    - Marketing products management
    - Marketing segments and analysis
    Administrative Mgt -
    - Dashboard and business indicators
    - Knowledge Management
    - Helpdesk workflow
    - Procedures
    - E-learning
    - Internal Mail
    - Emails client (Pop3/Imap/SMTP)
    - Quality management
    Projects Management -
    - Tender, offer and contract management
    - Gantt graphs
    - Time and financial reporting
    - Tasks management
    - Projects definition and schedule
    Finances -
    - Billing
    - Orders and invoices
    - Business plans and financial forecasts
    - Purchases workflow
    - Payments and reminders
    - Cash Management
    - Fixed assets Management
    - Financial reporting
    - Expenses workflow
    - Products and services pricing
    - Debt collection
    Human resource - HR Modules
    - Job offers management
    - Employees (360° view)
    - Recruitment management
    - Dynamic organizationnal chart
    - Competences and qualifications
    - Appraisal management
    - Vacations workflow
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